Get out for a walk

Well the weather is back to what one would expect, blustery rainy winterish!!Lots of talk about Christmas on the radio but can’t think that far ahead yet!I love Christmas but I am all for trying to enjoy the present moment. And there it was, a break in the weather the stormy clouds parted and I dressed for the elements. Might as well get a brisk walk in and see how the animals doing too! The cattle were fine beautiful white washed coats from the elements. Not long now I suppose till they are in again for the winter. Far nicer to be outdoors! So much inspiration in nature, magical the way the raindrops clung to the bright red haw berries- very Christmasy in fact -no won’t think about that yet. Well, I cleared my head and forgot temporarily little niggly things while nature gazing, just what I needed20151107_102758.

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