Irish Legal article on House of Kerry -Life is a series of journeys -from Barrister to sustainable artist and farmer!

Former barrister who forged new career as sustainable artist celebrates year of success Published 7 February 2020 Christine O’Donoghue de Vries A former barrister who returned home to County Kerry and pursued a new career as a sustainable artist and fashion designer has celebrated a year of award-winning success. Christine […]

The Boy, the Lamb and the Magic Scarf

I can’t believe that summer has escaped us yet again and the scramble for school crests and sizing uniforms is upon us! Reminiscing now on the highlights of my summer on the farm and my creating world…. There lives a little boy in House of Kerry who has a pet […]

Miracles at dawn and weather watching

I’m coming up for air, the lambing season is underway. For ages the weather was too unsettled to leave the little creatures out. It was labour intensive keeping the ewes and their lambs indoors. The stony faced barn gives nothing away as to the breathing life inside except for the […]