Dunquin cutout 100% Irish tweed woven wool overcoat (St. Gobnait)



From the St. Gobnait Journey collection the Dunquin  tailored overcoat with cut out detail mirrors the jagged beaty of the rocks at Dunquin Pier Co. Kerry. Dunquin is one of the places where St. Gobnait stopped on her way to her place of “resurrection” and is still revered in Dunquin today, her pattern day is 11th February.  The wave detail belt at the back mirrors the windy road down to the pier and the coat in 100% lavender Irish woven wool in Donegal yarn with the characteristic colorful fleck  is finished with ceramic buttons in teal with a wild horse etching.


Made in Ireland by skilled artisans to order.  Bespoke tailoring to your measurements. Please allow 4 weeks. Enquiries please to christinedevries.hofk@gmail.com