Skellig sanctuary silk scarf



From “Where the heart sings” collection this classic silk square is inspired by the sanctuary which is Skellig Mhichíl island on the Wild Atlantic Way off the coast of Kerry, Ireland. A UNESCO World Heritage site and home to a 6th Century monastic site, a boat ride and a pair of good shoes is all that is required to transport you to a different world. The island provides a sanctuary to the endangered puffins which really make the island come alive. The design features the corbelling stonework of the monastic beehive huts, the waves of the Atlantic, a high cross and of course the head of the puffin takes on the rugged iconic shape of the island. Some of you might recognise the island from the most recent “Star Wars”

The words “Truth Beauty Sustainability” are inscribed in the bottom left hand corner of the scarf. One could never tell from the fabulous imagery or on the day I captured it that we have incredible challenges facing us with climate change at our door. We can still aspire to this ideal of a beautiful earth by doing our own bit in our everyday lives!




90 x 90 cm silk satin

Hand rolled edges

Designed in Kerry, Ireland and printed/handcrafted in Italy