And then came the Swans



Dreamt up while out in the fields and down by the lake in lockdown. “And then Came the Swans” silk scarf is inspired by the story of 2 swans who have been coming to the lake here  for years. Every time someone visits the lake everyone asks “Well, did you see the swans?” A lot of the time it is a “No” as the swans like to hide with their new brood but then some sometimes they appear gracefully gliding across the calm waters leaving us speechless “And then Along came the Swans”! is 100% silk, based on hand drawings and fine art photography. The “Cuckoo flower” or “Our Lady’s Smock” as it is called too as well as wild rose petals make up the patterned sky and down below the calm vista of the lake with the swans. From the “We share the same sky” collection, created to inspire hope and provoke thought. We live and work in different cities and fields, we have different dreams but “We Share the Same Sky”! It would make a stylish and meaningful gift or treat for yourself x.

100% silk satin

Large wrap 64 x 183cm approx

Printed in Italy with handrolled edges

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