Butterflies of Iguazu Falls



From the “Nature, encore!” collection, butterflies of Iguazu Falls celebrates the fine details of nature, in a fine art print from Christine’s gouache, watercolor and ink paintings. Depicting  a moment from Christine’s travels in South America, at Igazu Falls the presence of multi species of the most colorful butterflies made their mark. The air was filled with the lightest of wings and they landed on our shoulders and bagpacks and on the wood around us. The design consists of the butterflies against the ring markings of a piece of wood and a backdrop of the splashes of the Iguazu Falls.

During the many lockdowns, nature has been a joy and source of comfort, now let’s stay connected and let’s mind it!

Exquisitely soft silk (100%)satin. printed near Lake Como in Italy.


63cm x183cm

handrolled edges crafted in Italy

100% silk (satin)