Nine White Deer



From the “Nature encore!” collection, celebrating the joy of nature this design is inspired by the story of St Gobnait of Ballyvourney in the Gaeltacht area of Cork. She is also celebrated in Dunquin Co. Kerry! Our parents took us on trips to Ballyvourney on many occasions as we live a 10 minute drive from there. Stories of nature abound in relation to St. Gobnait and the places associated with her are very beautiful and spiritual places. She is said to have come from Clare, possibly the Aran Islands. She was visited by an angel who told her to go on a voyage until she came upon nine white deer and that would be the place for her to settle and build her monastry. She met the Nine White Deer in Ballyvourney and that is the place she set up her religious community -still a site of pilgrammage today.

The scarf printed on soft 100% silk satin depicts a black and white image taken by Christine of nine white deer at the beautiful Killarney National Park .  The sky takes the colours and hand drawn, watercolor imagery of the “Blue pheasant honeycomb” print to fill in the sky. St. Gobnait has long been associated and depicted with her bees. Gobnait was known to have great powers of healing and was known to cure terrible diseases from honey.

Pattern Day, 11th February St. Gobnait’s feast day is another tradition associated with St Gobnait involving doing the rounds three times or three times three, always clockwise around the church or well.

90x 90cm

Hand rolled hems

Printed on 100% silk satin near Lake Como in Italy

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